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About Blue Star Asset Management

Airline and aerospace companies have an ongoing need to manage assets and to recapture the value locked up in assets that are no longer necessary for operations.

Most companies do not have the in-house experience necessary to manage the sale of regulated assets. This is understandable; companies focus their success through expansion and the acquisition of assets. Never the less, managing processes and disposing of "no longer needed" assets is critical, and carries heavy penalties if not done correctly.

Blue Star is a company that specifically works with airlines and aerospace companies to manage the disposal of assets. We bring years of experience in developing "best of class" asset sale and disposal processes for Fortune 500 aerospace companies and airlines. Our knowledge allows us to help our clients better manage existing assets, to recapture the value of excess assets and to avoid the risks inherent with the disposal of regulated assets and hazardous materials.

Blue Star's partners and associates have more than 100 combined years of experience in the aerospace and travel related industries. We are experts in the specific needs and regulations that apply to the sale and disposal of aerospace assets.

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