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Case Study 2

A Fortune 500 company distributing aerospace fasteners had a warehouse full of "dead inventory". Previously, they had simply called in a local scrap company who had taken away the mixed fasteners and paid them a few cents a pound, and in some cases the manufacturer had actually paid the scrap company to take away their metals.

Blue Star determined that the fasteners were comprised of a variety of different metals including aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium, molybdenum and inconel. Blue Star negotiated the sale of these fasteners to a single recycler based on the actual market value of the metals and the cost of rendering the fasteners unusable per the U.S. Fastener Quality Standards Act (which governs the reuse of aerospace standards).

Blue Star was able to increase the value of these fasteners as scrap metal by 700%, while following Federal guidelines that required destruction of FAA certified fasteners.

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