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Case Study 6

A top 10 airline had a problem properly recycling the thousands of computers and monitors used in their reservations centers located around the country. They had actually rented a warehouse to store the old computers and other electronic equipment - costing thousands of dollars every month in warehouse rent charges, to say nothing of the lost value for the electronics being stored.

Blue Star was hired to clear out the warehouse, since the lease was expiring and the airline realized that they were spending thousands of dollars to store equipment that they would never need.

Blue Star not only cleared out the warehouse, but was able to sell much of the equipment - returning thousands of dollars to the airline for these assets that were literally rusting away in storage.

Blue Star now handles this airline's entire computer recycling on a national basis, removing old equipment as new equipment is installed. We are even implementing a program where the airline's employees can purchase, at a substantial discount, newer computers that have been refurbished.

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