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Commercial Aviation

Airlines have operations located across the country and around the world. It is important for carriers to easily manage the removal and sale of surplus assets across their entire system, whether these assets are ground support equipment or computer networks.

This sale of "no longer needed" assets must be managed effectively to realize the best price in resale, or to avoid the risks inherent in disposing of regulated or hazardous equipment and material.

Blue Star Asset Management associates are very knowledgeable about the options for resale and the regulations governing the disposal of assets and materials. We help our clients to realize the highest value for excess assets and avoid the risks of improper disposal of regulated materials.

Our associates average 25 years of experience in managing the sale and disposal of aerospace related assets; ranging from aircraft and components to ground support equipment and office furniture. Our professionals have managed capital asset sales, recycling and scrap organizations for some of the largest and most respected aerospace manufacturers in the world.

We bring our years of experience to all our projects

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