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Types of Projects

There are many areas where our knowledge is a value to our clients. A few of these areas are listed, but we are available to provide our expertise in many areas of asset management and disposal.

  • Dispose of assets
    • Redeploy assets back into operations where needed
    • Sell unnecessary assets
    • Manage charitable donations of unnecessary assets

  • Reporting and documentation
    • Tie asset sales to depreciation schedules for write off
    • Provide Certificate of Destruction for assets that are destroyed

  • Manage risks
    • Assure that all local environmental regulations are met
    • Identify and return or destroy confidential information
    • Remove or reformat computer hard drives prior to resale
    • Manage sale or disposal of all regulated assets

  • Inventory all assets
    • Provide appraisal of assets
    • Locate missing assets
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