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Military Aerospace:

Many of our corporate clients produce military components, weapons systems, hardware and equipment. The excess and surplus materials and equipment generated from such programs impose specific accountability and disposition requirements on contractors. Blue Star designs and implements fully accountable asset disposition processes for our clients which not only comply with all mandatory requirements, but also yield the highest possible revenue at the minimum expense.

The associates of Blue Star Asset Management have spent years managing asset sales and disposing of military related aerospace equipment for Fortune 500 companies. We bring this wealth of experience to any project that we undertake.

Blue Star is able to quickly review existing procedures, or help create new procedures where none exist. These improved procedures will make the process for sale or disposal of "no longer needed" assets and materials more efficient and will address all requirements that relate to regulated or hazardous equipment and materials.

It is often more cost effective for a company to outsource the sale or disposal of certain assets to Blue Star. There is no need to add costly full time employees. Instead, bringing in a Blue Star associate, who will quickly and efficiently handle the disposition of excess assets, is the smart way to handle such projects.

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