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Why Blue Star Asset Management?

Most companies will retain outside legal counsel to assist and advise when projects go beyond the expertise or scope of their own internal legal departments. This is also true when selling and disposing of unique and regulated assets and scrap materials. Blue Star is that experienced advocate, available to advise, manage and administer the entire process of selling and removing scrap materials, machine tools and other "no longer needed" aerospace assets.

There is no university offering a post-graduate degree in asset resale and disposal. The skills and knowledge needed to become a professional in the field of asset reclamation are learned on the job, and it takes years to gain the experience necessary.

Blue Star's partners and associates, combined, have over 100 years of experience in managing material reclamation and capital asset sales for Fortune 500 aerospace companies.

Blue Star professionals regularly work with and understand:

  • Large scale equipment sales
  • The on-going sale of production scrap
  • Redeployment of assets to other manufacturing units
  • Tax deductible donation programs
  • Resale of FAA certified parts and avionics
  • Destruction of FAA certified parts prior to recycling
  • FAR 45 regulations concerning government owned equipment
  • Resale of non-FAA certified parts, equipment and material
  • Equipment appraisals
  • Equipment and data security
  • Hazardous materials
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